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Over 15 years of Recumbent Cycle and Fully Fared HPV expertise has culminated in "Challenger" an outstanding velomobile design. Challenger is our commitment to a sustainable transport solution that has already been a worldwide success. Classed as a HPV (Human Powered Vehicle) or Velomobile (Velo) it offers a Power Assist Option (Electric) that adds that little extra when you need it.

Emanating Sophistication, Comfort, Smoothness, Stability and Performance with good reason as at the Heart of Challenger is Inspired Cycle Engineering’s uncompromising Sprint Trike. Their relentless development programme delivers advanced geometry that is stable at high speeds with renowned handling and comfort ensuring the ultimate ride.

Challenger is designed to be Delivered Complete to your specification or Retro-Fitted to ICE (Inspired Cycle Engineering) TriceQ, TriceQNT and Sprint Trikes. Please use the contact page for more Information, to Book your Challenger Experience, Discuss your current Trike/Challenger options or to Order "Challenger".

Quick Questions

What is a Velomobile/HPV?

A short description would be a specialist cycle or as Wikipedia defines it: "A velomobile is a human-powered vehicle (HPV), fully enclosed for protection from weather and possibly from collisions. They are virtually always single-passenger vehicles. They are derived from bicycles and tricycles, with the addition of a full fairing (aerodynamic shell)".

How do I Order Challenger?

Please use the contact page to let us know you are ready to purchase.


We deliver "Challenger" Worldwide with two options for delivery:

  1. Fully Assembled
  2. Kit Form - Consisting of five separate elements.

It is possible for "Challenger" to be assembled from Kit Form by one person, however, assistance of another person while fitting the canopy would be advisable. From our experience it is possible to complete the assembly within two hours.

What comes as Standard (out of the box)?

A World Class HPV at a great price including manual pantograph wiper, wing mirrors, LED headlights, indicators and tail light.

What is the Power Assist Option?

Please use the contact page for further details.